Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme

Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme


The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and the Centre International de Formation des Autorités et Leaders (CIFAL) from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), have established the internationally certified ‘Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme’ for the benefit of sport safety and security practitioners and other sporting event stakeholders across the globe interested in delivering sporting events that are safe, secure and welcoming to all.


The ‘Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme’ is delivered in collaboration and partnership with the following international partner organisations.




The overall goal of the ‘Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme’ is to enhance, develop, and strengthen the knowledge, skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources of safety and security professionals across the globe. You will acquire new knowledge, develop skills, and join a network of peers internationally which will allow different forms of future mutual assistance and collaboration.


The courses are primarily intended for safety and security practitioners from national sport federations, national and local sport leagues, as well as sport clubs; event organising committees and law enforcement. It is also addressed to other professionals interested in transitioning into the sporting event safety and security industry.


The programme has been structured into thirteen (13) interlinked sport safety and security courses which can be completed as a whole or independently depending on your interests and requirements.

Each course has an average learning duration of fifteen (15) hours which you must complete over a three (3) week period. All courses are delivered online, primarily in English.

Browse through the following course catalogue to learn more about each course.


All courses are delivered in an online virtual classroom environment using asynchronous learning strategies and technologies through ICSS’s Learning Management System (LMS). You can complete the courses on your own at your preferred pace and time of day, which fits your schedule.

Each course may include, but is not limited to the following learning activities:

  • Video Lectures: Using self-study, you will have access to a series of pre-recorded online video lectures facilitated by the instructors covering the knowledge of facts and concepts related to the course topic.
  • Guest Lectures: Supporting the video lectures, you will have access to a series of guest lectures on the specified course subject. These will be facilitated by leading experts and professionals in the field of sports safety and security.
  • Readings: To further develop your knowledge and understanding, you will have access to a series of readings about the course topic.
  • Discussions: To further develop your critical thinking, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of discussions in online forums about the course topic.
  • Course Knowledge Evaluation: You will be required to complete a knowledge evaluation of the course subject matter.


The courses of the ‘Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme’ are certified by UNITAR and delivered by its CIFAL Global Network to meet an exceptionally high training and learning standard and guarantee you will increase your knowledge, develop skills, and influence your behaviour. All certificates issued are recognised internationally by the partners.

The certification and accreditation are structured as follows:

  • Certificate of Completion:
    • You shall be awarded the Certificate of Completion entitled ‘Award’ for each course you successfully complete. This certificate will state the title of the specified course.
    • If you successfully complete all thirteen (13) courses you shall in addition be awarded the Certificate of Completion entitled ‘Sport Safety and Security Specialist’.
  • Certificate of Participation: If you do not meet the knowledge evaluation requirements (i.e.: fails) but complete all other sections, you shall be awarded a Certificate of Participation.


If you are interested in enrolling these courses, you are required to complete the following application process:

  1. Payment of Course Fees: You must complete the payment for your selected course(s) in full. Payment must be made online or via a bank transfer.

Bank transfer (or wire transfer) payment method:

Bank Name: Qatar National Bank (QNB)
Bank Address: P. O. BOX 1000, Doha, Qatar
Account Number: 0250-212-731-002
IBAN: QA75 QNBA 0000 0000 0250 2127 3100 2

  1. Enrolment: Once payment has been validated, you will be enrolled in your selected courses and receive the required course information.


The following tables details programme fees options and applicable discounts.

Programme Fees Options Applicable Discount Fees (USD)
One (1)
$ 500.00
Three (3)
5% $ 1,425.00
Six (6)
10% $ 2,700.00
Nine (9)
15% $ 3,825.00
Full programme including all thirteen (13) courses 20% $ 5,200.00


You are eligible to receive an additional 15% discount if you are nominated by your respective national sport association. You will be required to submit a signed letter by your national sport association nominating you for the course(s) to

Large group rates are also available. For further information and requirements, please contact

Course fees include:

  • Enrolment and access to course materials via LMS
  • Certificate of Completion or Participation

The course fees must be paid in full upon confirmation of acceptance.

As per our general policy, in the case of cancellation of your participation, course fees will not be refunded for any reason.