Policy Advisory and Capacity Building

The work of ICSS INSIGHT in the policy and capacity-building areas is strategically supported by framework agreements developed with key international organisations such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), UNESCO, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and the Council of Europe.

ICSS INSIGHT’s policy advisory and capacity building efforts include the offer of executive and advanced education courses on sport security, integrity and legacy, based on leading research and reports, including but not limited to:

In our efforts to strengthen the existing mechanisms for protection of sport integrity, the ICSS INSIGHT has initiated and officially implemented, jointly with other partners, a range of long-term programmes (particularly in support of the European Union’s ERASMUS+ Program), such as:

    TASEM [2016-2017]: A learning mobility scheme for the training of athletes in the management and organization of sporting events, aimed at contributing to their employability and to the social legacy of sporting events. TASEM, the Training Programme in Sports Events Management, was addressed to athletes and coaches from Mediterranean region, who had the opportunity to train and contribute to the organisation of the Mediterranean Games Tarragona (2018). An academic book of the project can be found at: http://tasem.inefc.cat/index.php/results/academic-book
    PSYTOOLS [2016-2017]: The project delivered innovative educational programs and tools for the training of young athletes, managers, coaches and referees on sport values and integrity. This partnership led to the identification of good practices applied at European level for the use of sport psychology as a strategic tool to promote integrity and to tackle violence, discrimination and intolerance in sport and delivered numerous tools and dedicated website providing on-line education: http://psytoolsport.eu/
    FIX THE FIXING [2016-2017]: With large impact resulting from its dissemination activities, this project developed an educational tool, based on produced scientific evidence from surveys and interviews (using a scientific ‘mixed-method design’), and develop an innovative, web-based The Fix The Fixing Educational Tool, directed at all sport’s stakeholders or anyone involved in sports, education and policy-making: https://fixthefixing.eu/
  • ELIT
    ELIT-in [2018-2019]: This project is directed at the promotion of dual careers of athletes, focusing on the identification and recognition of transversal competences acquired by high performance athletes throughout their careers and to put them in value as a differential factor for accessing the labour market with full guarantees once they retire. Through research on the state of the art this partnership will lead to the design of a methodological guide (for the identification and recognition of the transversal competences), an educational package, a guide of good practices on institutions that have incorporated high performance athletes into their work teams and a certificate or quality seal for recognizing entities that are actively working in the field of the valorisation of transversal competences.
    BIG4SPORTS [2019-2021]: Good governance in sporting bodies constitutes a crucial condition to manage external funding and this project and wide partnership aims at connecting funding sources (public and private) with sports organisations by jointly developing new and innovative collaboration schemes and effectively implement good governance principles in sport organisations, built from the excellence of public and private (corporate) good governance standards, that may have a direct and positive effect in the overall image of the sport organisations and sustainably increase the sponsorship and public revenues.