course 6

Course Title: Physical Safety and Security Measures

Location: Web-based

Dates: 19 September – 7 October 2022 

Learning Time: 15 hours

Duration: 3 weeks

Key Topics: Physical Protective Security, Use of Technology, Gates, Fences, Barriers, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, Doors, Windows

Language: Primarily in English. Translation of lectures can be provided upon request to official languages of CAF.

Mode of Delivery: e-Learning

Price: $350.00


In a sporting event such as football match at a stadium, you need to protect the entire theatre of operations (i.e.: not just the stadium may include training sites and fan fests and fan zones). Informed by their threat and risk assessment, these venues will require protective security measures to support the risk mitigation strategies of the sporting event. There are many different types of protective security measures at your disposal to deter, detect, delay, and deny unauthorised access to a venue. These are organised into three (3) categories: physical, technical, and operational measures.

In this course, participants will develop their knowledge and understanding of the physical protective security measures.

This course is delivered online via e-Learning using the ICSS’s Learning Management System (LMS). The participants are responsible for managing their own learning over the three (3) week duration.

Participants are required to complete the following learning activities:

  • Video Lectures: Using self-study participants must watch a series of pre-recorded online video lectures covering the knowledge of facts, concepts and theories related to the course subject matter.
  • Live Guest Lectures: Participants must attend a live webinar session facilitated by a guest lecturer. This will provide real world experience, insight, networking opportunities, and application of the course subject matter.
  • Course Knowledge Evaluation: Participants must complete a course knowledge evaluation administered via a series of multiple-choice questions of the course subject matter. Participants must obtain a minimum passing grade of 70%.

Minimum estimated total learning time is 15 hours approximately.

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, participants will be eligible to receive an internationally recognised certificate of completion entitled ‘Award’ in ‘Physical Protective Security Measures’.

  • Application Deadline: Complete the following application by 22 April 2022.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance: The results of the selection process will be communicated via e-mail, within five (5) working days following receipt of the application and no later than by 25 April 2022.
  • Payment Deadline: Full payment must be finalised within one (1) week following confirmation of acceptance and no later than 29 April 2022.

The course fees amount to $ 350.00 US Dollars.

Course fees includes:

  • Access to course materials via LMS during the scheduled course dates.
  • Certificate of completion or participation.

For more information on course fees and available discounts please refer to the main programme webpage. 

Technical Requirements

Participants will access all course materials via a Learning Management System (LMS), which will require a computer or a mobile device with audio and video capabilities, a headset with microphone to connect to audio through the computer or mobile device, as well as a highspeed broadband Internet connection. No special software is required.

As per our general policy, in the case of cancellation of your participation, registration fees will not be refunded for any reason.