Safety and Security

ICSS security consultancy services are supported by industry best practices and are appropriate for ‘real world’ implementation into the client’s operations.

We help our clients to systemically and holistically transform their safety and security strategies by equipping them with the right methodologies and solutions to respond efficiently to security challenges and risks.

Our security services portfolio comprises:

  • MSE Safety & Security Legislation
  • Safety and Security Operational Planning
  • Safety and Security Training Programmes
  • Observer Programmes
  • Police Protective Security Advisor Support (PPSA)
  • Private Security Workforce Solutions
  • Security Risks Assessments
  • MSE Health Security

Global Programme on Security of Major Sporting Events (MSE)

The ICSS, jointly with UNOCT and UNICRI, and the official participation of UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) and INTERPOL, launched in February 2020 a Global Programme on Security of Major Sporting Events (MSE) and the Promotion of Sport and its Values to Prevent Violent Extremism (PVE).

This programme is aimed at strengthening the protection of MSE through enhanced international cooperation and sustainable security approaches while promoting the values of sport as a powerful means to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism.

The security element of the programme envisages the following main activities:

  • Drafting of a Guide for Policy-Makers on the Security of MSE;
  • Establishment of an International Expert Group on the Security of MSE, as a multisectoral source of expertise across all the elements of the program;
  • Collection of operating procedures, mechanisms and best practices to enhance the protection of vulnerable targets in the context of major sporting events;
  • Digital repository of information for lessons learned and best practices; and
  • Provision of technical assistance and capacity building upon request.