International Centre for Sport Security

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Our Story

When the ICSS was established in early 2010, it was driven by a vision of what sport could be – a unifying, positive and inspiring force for good, free from corruption and played in stadiums and arenas that are safe for all.

The aim was for an organisation to serve as an international hub, bringing together expertise and knowledge, to work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, to benefit and safeguard sport.

Our Impact

Protecting the integrity of sport is not exclusive to one body, one country or one entity.

We believe that the protection of sport is a shared responsibility – one that we can all contribute to and play an active role in. Through our research and expertise-based approach and with strong international cooperation, the ICSS has contributed to significant policy advancements, programmes, resources and projects that are making a real difference to the safeguarding of sport on a global scale.

Why Our Work Matters

Sport is an unparalleled economic, social, and cultural force. Yet, sport is under threat and overshadowed by corruption and security threats. The need for an independent and non-profit centre focused on safeguarding sport is more crucial now than ever.

Through its expert consulting work in the fields of sport security and integrity, the ICSS has been able to take a pioneering step to further sport safety and good governance of sport and has invested in initiatives, partnerships and research to be at the forefront of efforts to safeguard sport. The ICSS proudly works with governments, international organisations, sporting bodies and universities.

Latest News

Media Releases

Sport Integrity Hotline

The Sport Integrity Hotline was developed by the ICSS to provide an independent, safe and secure whistleblowing platform dedicated to reporting misconduct in sport. The Hotline is backed by a world-class, independent, third party ethics, case management and reporting system that operates a global 24/7/365 multilingual platform. The Hotline confidentially receives and manages allegations of misconduct, abuse and any type of integrity violation in sport on an international level.

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Save the Dream

Save the Dream is the global initiative established by the ICSS to empower youth through safe access to sport and to its educational and social values.

Save the Dream serves as a global movement of organisations, people and athletes who believe in the power of sport to build more fair and inclusive societies and are therefore committed to promoting and protecting its core values for the good of youth and future generations.

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Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme

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Reports and Publications

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