ICSS Awards




Safeguarding sport is a never-ending battle that needs allies from grassroots up to the international policy-making levels. Every day we see new threats emerging, but we also see new and innovative steps being taken to alleviate those threats.

This year, the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) will launch the ICSS Awards to recognise and appreciate the achievements of organisations and individuals who have done outstanding work in the field of sport integrity, safety and security, as well as the work of those in the area of youth matters. The award aims to raise awareness about multifaceted challenges and threats continuously faced by sport and to promote methodologies and best practices that aim to safeguard sport.

The ICSS Awards will be launched and promoted throughout 2021 with a focus on holding the awards ceremony during the ICSS flagship event Securing Sport 2021 edition.


Applicants are invited to make their nominations via the dedicated webpage on the ICSS website. Participating organisations, individuals, or groups of individuals can nominate themselves or other suitable candidates who meet the criteria mentioned below.

It is important to tailor the nomination to the specific goals of the award in order to make the nominee stand out. Applicants need to provide quantifiable information and evidence on the impact, novelty, depth, and breadth of the nominee’s actions that contributed towards safeguarding sport.

Each year the winners of the ICSS Awards are invited to be a part of the subsequent year’s selection committee and to be a part of the award ceremonies.


Participating organisations and individuals are expected to provide verifiable evidence of their contributions towards safeguarding sport in the areas of (but not limited to):

  1. Activities in the prevention and addressing of security, integrity, and/or youth-related issues in the context of sport
  2. Development of educational and knowledge sharing tools, platforms, and other methodologies that reached the grassroots level
  3. Successful changes made in relevant legislature, regulations, and governance to protect sport
  4. High impact empowerment of at-risk communities and social groups
  5. Activities that produced a viral effect on creating awareness of the threats towards safeguarding sport


After the administration activities ensure that all conditions of the award have been satisfied and the procedures were followed, the nominations and its supporting documentation are forwarded to the ICSS Awards Committee.

  1. The award committee will review the submissions and prepare a short-list of candidates
  2. If necessary, prepare a list of questions to be sent back to the original nominators to fill out further endorsements or letters attached
  3. The finalist will be decided with a vote. Before the voting takes place, the awards committee will discuss the short-listed nominees


The recipients of the ICSS Awards will be announced and honored at the ICSS flagship annual event, Securing Sport Conference that is held in the last quarter of the year, or in the course of other high-visibility events organised by or involving the ICSS on an official basis. The winners will receive an honorary plaque and a certificate of acknowledgment.


  1. Members of the ICSS Board of Directors or the ICSS employees are not eligible to submit nominations for the award.
  2. The nominators are responsible for verifying that all conditions for the award have been met and all procedures properly followed when submitting a nomination.
  3. The award is non-transferable.
  4. Award winners can reapply after three (3) years.
  5. If the award recipient is involved in criminal acts or any other behavior which is in contrast with the core principles and values of the ICSS, the award will be revoked.


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