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ICSS leads high-level panel on disruptive technology in sport at ASPIRE4SPORT

London, UK; 8 October 2017: The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) – the global non-profit organisation at the forefront of sport safety, security and integrity – led a high-level panel at the ASPIRE4SPORT conference, which gathered leading experts to discuss the disruptive power of technology in sport.

As part of the ICSS’s commitment to identify emerging trends and develop pioneering new products and technologies to help enhance safety and security at major events, ICSS Group CEO, Michael Hershman, led an engaging and thought provoking panel discussion that brought together top experts from IBM, Cisco, Honeywell and Aspire Zone to explore the positive and disruptive power of technology within the sports industry.

Speaking during the Aspire Tech Conference during ASPIRE4SPORT, Michael Hershman, Group CEO of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), said:

“There is no doubt that technology is playing a major role in disrupting the sports industry. It is changing the way fans and athletes connect and engage with each other, as well as the way we interact with major sport events around the world.

“However, as a result of the growing influence of technology and innovation taking place in sport at the moment, the security challenges now facing host cities and nations around the world are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated.

“At the ICSS, we work on a range of innovative, technology-based products – including data-fusion systems, predictive analysis and mobile applications – to help organisations safeguard their event and venues, as well as empowering athletes to avoid threats to their health, safety and integrity.”

The panel session covered a range of topics at the forefront of technology and innovation in sport at the moment, including predictive and mobile technology being used in sport stadia, improving fan experience, facial recognition, drones, ticketing and emerging innovations and trends within major event safety and stadium security.

Experts that took part in the panel included: John Short (IBM, Sports and Entertainment Practice, Global Business Development Executive), Dina Tamimi (Honeywell, Director of Smart Cities, Mega Events and Vertical Industries, High Growth Regions), William Kopp (Cisco, Director of Architecture/Innovation/Sports and Entertainment) and Krishnakumar Kottekkat (Aspire Zone Foundation, Manager – IT Strategy & Operations).

Hershman added:

“It is vital that the sports industry uses technology as a force for good and uses emerging technologies to try to interact with audiences and predict future threats to help create an environment for everyone to enjoy sport safely and securely.”

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