Sport Integrity Hotline

As a part of its efforts, SIU operates the global Sport Integrity Hotline for athletes, officials and the public, to be able to safely report allegations of misconduct, abuse and integrity violations in sport, making sure that no serious breach to the integrity of sport, including but not limited to violations of children’s rights, is ignored.

The Hotline is backed by an independent and third-party ethics management provider that operates a global 24/7/365 reporting hotline and case management system in over 220 languages.

The Hotline is a tool developed to support victims, witnesses or informants who might face difficulties accessing the available national or local reporting systems, due to fear or other adverse effects. Depending on the case, SIU provides assistance in case follow-up with relevant sport bodies and law enforcement agencies, both at the international and local levels, as well as connecting victims with the ICSS’ global network of pro-bono legal assistance resources.