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Sport Integrity Unit expands investigation and intelligence capacity as joins forces with Clue to fight organised crime in sport

The Sport Integrity Unit (SIU) of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has strengthened its resources with the state-of-the-art Clue intelligence and case management technology. The Clue software provides the SIU with a leading support platform to consolidate and build on its operational and intelligence.

The SIU was established by the ICSS in response to the growing demand for independent investigations and intelligence services within the sports industry. The Sport Integrity Hotline, managed by the SIU and set up nearly a year ago, has been a vital tool in fighting corruption in sport. The Sport Integrity Hotline is accessible for all, from athletes to officials and the public, to report allegations of misconduct or abuse in sport.

The Clue platform will greatly assist the SIU and its oversight of the Sport Integrity Hotline in managing risk, intelligence and investigation activities in a single application and so increase the Unit’s efficiency and capacity for actionable intelligence on illicit activity in sport.

Fred Lord, Director, Anti-Corruption and Transparency Operations of the Sport Integrity Unit, said

“With over 160 cases of criminal activity in sport, reported through the SIU Hotline, it is clear that sport including football, cricket and tennis are being used as a getaway car for organised crimes such as player trafficking, doping, match-fixing, betting fraud, terrorism, e-sport manipulation and money laundering.”

“This agreement with Clue will help us expand our global intelligence network and strengthen our capacity to investigate integrity violations in sport as well as build strategic networks with other Clue users. “

Thomas Drohan, Commercial Director Clue Computing said:

“Clue is well placed to help the SIU manage their increasing volume of complex multi-faceted, cross border investigations. Our software will help the SIU to build up actionable intelligence, uncover new lines of enquiry through data, collaborate with relevant authorities and ultimately stem the tide of increasing criminal activity associated with the lucrative sports sector.

International organised crime operations do not limit themselves to specific sports or crime types. They are dynamic and move quickly to exploit and profit from opportunities presented through sports including anything from match fixing, to doping, to human trafficking, to terrorism and more.

The Clue system is used widely in sport, with eight major international sports now onboard and with more joining in the coming months. We see an opportunity to create a platform where sports can securely collaborate and share intelligence to better respond to the risks of criminal activity in sport as a whole.”