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ICSS INSIGHT joins global partners to promote good governance in sport through BIG4SPORTS

ICSS INSIGHT and an international coalition of organisations from different sectors joined forces for a project called BIG4SPORTS.

The two and half year project, was launched at the Museum of Sport in Barcelona, with the aim of connecting public and private funding sources with sport organisations through the development of innovative programmes for good governance in sport.

Co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of ERASMUS+ and coordinated by the European Platform for Sports Innovation (EPSI), BIG4SPORTS will identify and develop best practice to enhance good governance within sport organisations, particularly clubs and grassroots sports, with a view of increasing support and funding from public and private entities.

The BIG4SPORTS project is built on the vision to combine capacity and knowledge across multiple sectors, including public authorities, the sport industry and sport organisations. In the field of good governance in order to assure the highest standards in the management of sport and therefore increase public and private sector’s trust towards stakeholders in sport.

BIG4SPORTS will build on existing international frameworks related to good governance in sport, making reference, in particular, to relevant policies developed by the IOC, the Council of Europe, the European Union and the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA).

The involvement of several sport clubs in the project will ensure the implementation of good governance mechanisms developed by BIG4SPORTS for real situations, in view of a possible adoption on a wider scale.

Alberto Bichi, EPSI Executive Director, said: “By strengthening this collaboration, the project aims to establish the best and most relevant standards in terms of corporate and public governance and develop a comprehensive methodology to reinforce sporting organisations’ good governance capacities.”

Massimiliano Montanari, CEO of ICSS INSIGHT, added: “Wherever the source of funding comes from, good governance within sporting bodies, is a crucial condition which should be fulfilled in order to manage such funding. The sporting industry sponsors will only continue to commit to sponsorship agreements with those sporting organisations equipped with solid levels of governance, responsibility and accountability.”

The consortium which will lead the implementation of BIG4SPORTS, is composed of the following organisations:

1 LP EPSI – the European Platorm for Sport Innovation
2 TSV Bayer04 Leversuken
3 Olympiacos (SFP)
4 Aalborg Boldspilklub (AaB)
5 ICSS Insight
7 HAŠK MLADOST – Hrvatski Akademski Športski Klubovi Mladost