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ICSS expertise joins forces with Ferrand to boost hotel and hospitality security operations

Doha, Qatar; 02 July, 2018: The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has joined forces with Ferrand Training Center in Qatar to enhance safety and security operations in the tourism and hospitality sectors in support of Qatar’s 2030 National Vision to become a global leader in sports.

Qatar’s strong position as a global host for sporting events has seen more than 440 international sporting events held here since 1993, with a continual influx of athletes and spectators coming into Qatar with each event.

The partnership between the two organisations, will ensure the hospitality and service industry in Qatar is equipped to deal with the increased influx of visitors and provide them with a safe, secure and enjoyable experience.

Ferrand Training Center, a subsidiary of the SERVTEC International Group, is a dynamic group of communicators and leadership experts who work to create unique training programmes, competency services and certification courses within Qatar. The partnership with the ICSS will focus on the development of effective frameworks, guidelines and strategic tactical and operational documentation, along with practical training and education programmes to support the hotels and other stakeholders in delivering ‘best practice’ in safety and security – all aimed at meeting the high standards and requirements of all major international sporting events.

The ICSS’ team of experts has a proven track record of accomplishment in providing safety and security expertise to safeguard major sporting events around the world. With an expert understanding of the critical components of security operational planning, delivery, readiness and training;, the ICSS will support hotels in Qatar in planning their security operations and delivering bespoke training courses in preparation for all major sporting events to be held in Qatar.

The ICSS will utilise its operational, practical and academic knowledge to provide cutting-edge, tailored training solutions that conform to industry best practice with the area of training. The ICSS will develop programmes and materials, as well as offering direct advice and support to the hotels and hospitality industry.

Representatives from ICSS and Ferrand Qatar

Speaking at the signing of the partnership in Doha today, Founder and Chairman of the ICSS, Mohammed Hanzab, said:

“In light of the ongoing global threat – a holistic approach to major event security, that extends beyond the stadium and covers all facets of event hosting from transport to accommodation and other hospitality services, has never been more vital. We are proud to partner with Ferrand Training Center and to put into place the necessary measures to safeguard the hospitality and tourism sectors and support Qatar’s vision for a safe and secure sporting environment.”

Philippe Gerard Maurice Ferrand, Founder and CEO, Ferrand Qatar, said:

“Ferrand Training Center is delighted to be working in partnership with the ICSS in this important collaboration. As a leading provider of training and competency services for the hospitality and services industry in Qatar we know how vital it is to equip staff and executives at all levels with the skills and knowledge needed so that they can respond calmly and confidently to any security situations that may arise. The ICSS’s team of highly experienced safety and security professionals and the expertise they provide will make a huge impact on the services we offer.”

Hassan Modh A Al-Hammadi, Partner, Ferrand Qatar, said:

“Security of the people is not an option, it is a must. Ferrand Qatar is proud to be the partner of ICSS towards enlarging the tent to cover the people of Qatar under an invincible umbrella of protection against unwarranted forces. Working with ICSS towards making Qatar safe and secured is gigantic responsibility but Ferrand believes that such is a noble undertaking.”

Andrew Cooke, Director of Security Operations for the ICSS, added:

“With safety and security at the foremost of importance in the planning, delivery and training for the effective management of all major sporting events; we are excited to work with Ferrand Training Center to provide effective hospitality safety and security training programmes to help safeguard all those visiting Qatar who will attend the multitude of planned sporting events that are to be held in Qatar.

By working together and developing advanced safety, security, and training best practices, standards and guidelines; we can build the trust and resilience needed to reduce risks and ensure teams and fans enjoy an incredible experience in this country.”


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