The Formation of the ICSS

As global headlines hit regarding security issues ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the idea for an independent global hub of experts in the field of sport safety and security was formed.

Ardent sports fan, retired Qatari Air Force Officer and CEO of a security training organisation, Mohammed Hanzab identified a gap in the way knowledge is transferred between different organisations regarding the safety and security of major sporting events. In May 2010 and with the advice of Lord John Stevens, former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, the concept for the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) was formed.

Having initiated the process of registering and announcing the organisation in October 2010, Mohammed Hanzab submitted his proposal at this time to the State of Qatar for support funding for his business concept in order to properly set up the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS).

In Qatar, under the Law Number 21 of 2006, citizens can submit a request for funding to the government to establish initiatives that are considered to be in the public interest.

With the aim of inspiring positive change for the benefit of the sport industry, the goal of the ICSS was first to bring together international experts in sport security to create a centre that develops standards and shares best-practice to better serve and safeguard sport.

In early 2012, and prior to major issues of sport corruption making headlines, the ICSS made a significant move to extend its safety and security focus and expand its portfolio to include sport integrity, policy, good governance and anti-corruption issues.

In September 2012, and in collaboration with the Qatar Olympic Committee, the ICSS launched its corporate social responsibility programme, Save the Dream, to promote and protect the core values of sport for young people. Since then Save the Dream has gathered support from around the world for its cause, building a movement of athletes and sportspeople along with international sporting and civil society organisations to achieve its aim.

Save the Dream is funded by its founding partners and through sponsorship and donations to support its work using sport for change.

Funding and Independence

The ICSS is funded by a mixture of government grants from the Ministry of Finance of the State of Qatar and revenue generated from services that it delivers to its broad, international client base.   Over time since its inception, the ICSS has evolved to rely less and less on State funding as its client and base grows.  Similar to many other national and international NGOs, despite relying to a substantial degree on funding from the State of Qatar, the ICSS is completely autonomous in its decision-making and strategy and remains an independent entity.

ICSS Governance and Management Structure


The ICSS Group structure comprises of a Board of Director and a Management Team.

Board of Directors

 The Role of ICSS Board of Directors

  • To provide strategic guidance to the Chairman, CEO and COO.
  • To advise the ICSS on critical issues and trends in sport safety, security and integrity
  • To provide expertise for ICSS initiatives, projects and events
  • To expand the international reach and expert network of the organisation
  • To approve matters of business and strategic significance of the ICSS


Currently, the ICSS Board of Directors comprises:

  • Mohammed Hanzab – Chairman and CEO
  • Michael Hershman
  • Jane Lute
  • Lord John Stevens

Management Team

The ICSS Management Team manages and oversees the day-to-day operations of the ICSS.

Currently, the ICSS Group Management Team comprises:

  • Mohammed Hanzab – Chairman and CEO
  • Karen Webb Moss – COO
  • Andrew Cooke – Director of Security Operations
  • Massimiliano Montanari – CEO, ICSS INSIGHT and Executive Director of Save the Dream

Ethics and Accountability

Corporate Diversity

The ICSS recognises the value of employee diversity and strives to create a culture of commitment to our mission, one which fosters a positive and empowering workplace for all our employees. Our truly international and diverse team comes from 16 nations and speaks over 18 languages.

ICSS Group is an equal opportunity employer.

 Financial Auditing and Quality Management System

The ICSS Group prepares financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. The ICSS is audited on annual basis as per our founding documents article 20 and 21. ICSS headquarters financial records are currently audited by KPMG.

Our fiscal year is the calendar year, in line with standard practice in the State of Qatar.

The organisation has a yearly standalone audit for the organisation’s headquarters based in Doha and a consolidated report including accounts for all other entities owned by the ICSS Group.

ICSS INISIGHT LTD, the ICSS standalone UK entity, a community interest company limited by guarantee, publishes its financial accounts through the UK Government’s Companies House and has EU Transparency Register ID number: 228745717780-44.

The ICSS has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The organisation is certified for the provision of safety, security, integrity, governance, transparency and anti-corruption services across the sports industry delivered through programmes and initiatives designed to help safeguard sport.