ICSS INSIGHT is a non-profit entity established under the umbrella of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) to assist governments, international bodies, sport organisations, civil society and the business sector in the development of advanced policies, through a multisectoral approach, to safeguard sport.

ICSS INSIGHT acts as a global hub for ideas and solutions to help policy and decision-makers understand and proactively address threats to sport, while recognizing and unlocking the full potential of sport to foster socio-economic development.

The organisation pays particular attention to sport security-related policies, sport integrity, the protection of children in the context of sport, including but not limited to young athletes, and crime prevention in sport at large.

The ICSS INSIGHT portfolio focuses on the following areas of action:

    • Multisectoral and international cooperation; and
    • Policy advisory and capacity building.

While promoting policy reform in sport through an independent and scientific approach, ICSS INSIGHT is a formal member of several mechanisms within the United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe.

Originally established as ICSS EUROPE in September 2014 as an “action-tank” supporting the overall mission of ICSS Group to safeguard sport, it was renamed ICSS INSIGHT in April 2017.

ICSS INSIGHT is currently headquartered in London, and operates offices in Doha, at the ICSS Headquarters, and Brussels, where it has co-founded the House of Sports.