Who We Are

About the ICSS

The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) is a global, independent and non-profit organisation. We work tirelessly to address some of the most prominent challenges and issues facing the world of sport today. 

Having brought together respected leaders from sport, law enforcement, international organisations, academia and government agencies, we have an established team of experts in the fields of sport and event safety and security, sport integrity and sport investigations.

Through our consultancy work and advisory services and with the support of our donors, the ICSS is able to invest in safeguarding sport – from initiating the first-ever research into the scale of Manipulation of Sports Competitions as part of the Sorbonne-ICSS Sport Integrity Research Programme, 2012-14, to advising and working with international organisations leading to sport integrity policy development, the ICSS has made its impact!

Our Mission

As an independent global hub, we strive to safeguard sport through our commitment and work to ensure good governance, integrity and safety and security in sport.

Our Vision

For sport to be safe and ethically governed so that its positive values remain an inspiration for all.

Our Values


Message from the ICSS Group Founder and Chairman

There are increasingly significant threats to sport safety, security and integrity, which, if left unchecked, could damage the fabric of society

Everyone has a duty to protect the values and ethics that sport teaches.

We are all custodians of sport.

At the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), our mission is to help safeguard sport. We develop programmes and tools to help sport confront the challenges that it faces. By doing this, we can advance policy and action to build a safer future for fans and athletes around the world.

We offer our expertise and vision – as a service to sport.