Media Releases

Qatari-Russian Centre for Cooperation and International Centre for Sport Security Join Forces to Foster Socio-Economic Development Through Sport

Recognising the role of sport as a catalyst for fostering socio-economic development, international dialogue, and youth empowerment, the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and the Qatari-Russian Centre for Cooperation (QRCC) have joined forces to develop and implement new initiatives in the context of sport.

The ICSS and QRCC aim to create initiatives involving in particular stakeholders from Russia and Qatar to advance exchange programmes and mobility schemes involving both professionals and youth and enroll them in training, education, and capacity-building programmes in fields covered by ICSS and QRCSS respective missions.

As part of the new agreement and first step, the two organisations have started exploring avenues and opportunities of collaboration with Russian organisations working on the field of sport integrity, as well as prepared initial plans on the identification and training of young volunteers to be deployed in the context of sport-based projects and major sporting events.

Diana Charmadova, CEO, Qatari-Russian Center for Cooperation said:

“We are pleased to sign a memorandum of understanding with such an important international organisation like the ICSS. Our cooperation will support efforts in various fields such as the organisation and participation in international conferences, youth forums and youth-related activities and the development of educational and training programmes. This agreement will strengthen the role of sport as an essential element in the further development of relations between Russia and Qatar.”

Massimiliano Montanari, CEO, ICSS said:

“The ICSS works alongside numerous stakeholders internationally to protect sport and related opportunities, and we always strive to further expand our partnerships and cooperation with like-minded organisations around the world. With this vision in mind, we believe in the efforts of an action-oriented organisation like QRCSS and in its role as a bridge between Russian and Qatari excellences in various fields, including sport.”