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UNITAR and ICSS to Launch the First UN Certified Training Framework on Sport Security

Sharing a common goal of safeguarding sport, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) joined forces by signing a Memorandum of Understanding to develop internationally certified, innovative and cutting-edge learning solutions.

In recognition of the fact that advanced education and training are essential tools to protect sport – particularly major sporting events – from the continuously evolving security challenges and global threats, the learning and training solutions will be tailored for practitioners and officials from organisations across sectors such as sport bodies, events’ organisers and public institutions to:

  • Transfer knowledge in the field of sports security through most effective and advanced training methodologies
  • Provide a certified and verifiable training scheme with a global recognition
  • Internationally align sport security industry and academic requirements

In conjunction with this framework, the ICSS has signed a cooperation agreement with UNITAR and its International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Malaga (CIFAL Málaga), which forms an integral part of UNITAR’s Global CIFAL Network, to promote training opportunities in different regions of the world, including but not limited to the Mediterranean region, Latin America and Africa.

While giving initial priority to the security of major sporting events, both cooperation frameworks will address other crucial areas pertaining to the protection and the promotion of the values of sport, particularly with reference to:

  • Training for sport volunteers both in the context of major sporting events and sport for development initiatives
  • Youth empowerment and skills development through sport also in view of promoting future employability and job creation
  • Legacy and economic impact of sport and major sporting events, particularly regarding the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Alex Mejia, Director of the Division for People and Social Inclusion at UNITAR, said “We know that sport can be a powerful tool for development and learning. It promotes participation, inclusion, human values, acceptance of rules, discipline, healthy lifestyles, non-violence, tolerance, gender equality, and teamwork.

We are confident that the recent agreement signed between UNITAR and ICSS opens up a range of training and learning opportunities towards leveraging sport for the 2030 Agenda achievement, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of this new partnership.”

Julio Andrade, UNITAR Associated Fellow and CIFAL Malaga Director, said “CIFAL Malaga is proud of this new partnership that will also bring other opportunities to the CIFAL Global Network. Together, we will be able to raise awareness among the greatest number of people involved in sport, about the importance of each individual in protecting our planet, in fighting poverty and in trying to make all people enjoy peace, equality and prosperity.”

Massimiliano Montanari, CEO, ICSS said “Since its establishment in 2010, the ICSS has worked hard to gather and develop knowledge on the security of major sporting events, always in great partnership with United Nations’ bodies, other key international organisations and the sport movement. The cooperation with UNITAR and the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders provides an opportunity to share the knowledge internationally through most advanced training methodologies and digital platforms.”