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Hero Caribbean Premier League calls on ICSS to support competition oversight

The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) have announced they will work in partnership to safeguard the integrity of the T20 cricket league for the 2020 competition.

With the Hero CPL proactively placing integrity at the top of its agenda, the ICSS, through its Sport Integrity Unit (SIU), will provide technical support and expertise to support the CPL to mitigate the Hero CPL competitions’ risk to match-fixing and international betting fraud.

By activating their international Sport Integrity Hotline, the ICSS will capture possible reports of corruption across the competition, analyse the collected data and provide training and investigative support when needed.

In order to help identifying any suspicious betting patterns and manipulation of sports results, an international tailored betting monitoring system will be put in place for each match throughout the competition.

Massimiliano Montanari, CEO, ICSS, said: “On behalf of the ICSS, I would like to thank the CPL for placing their trust in the ICSS and inviting us to share our expertise and support them in the area of sport integrity.

“The CPL continues to protect itself against the evolving threats that confront international sport. Cricket in the Caribbean has produced many world-class cricketers, and I am delighted to see the CPL show such a strong commitment towards promoting integrity in their sport.”

Fred Lord, Director Anti-Corruption & Transparency Operations, ICSS SIU, said: “The Caribbean is an important region for the ICSS, and it is a privilege for the ICSS team to have this opportunity to work with the CPL, and their partners, to support them in the protection of their competition.

“This proactive action taken by the CPL sends a strong message to the organised criminal syndicates who are focused on corrupting and manipulating sport for their own financial gains. It shows that the CPL is aware of the imminent risks it faces and is prepared to ensure that the highest levels of safeguards have been put in place to deter corrupt and criminal behaviour.”

Andy Murphy, CPL Head of Security, said: “We are delighted to welcome the ICSS as an integral part of our overall security and competition integrity management.  The Hero CPL will benefit immensely from the professional support that the ICSS offers, and we are delighted to welcome the ICSS as an additional layer of security and oversight. The ICSS will become an integral part of our operational planning and will support our extensive network of partner organisations throughout the Caribbean and beyond to ensure we have a successful competition”.