Media Releases


During Securing Sport 2015 in New York, key stakeholders in the fight for good governance and integrity in sport, met to discuss the current crisis. The meeting was facilitated by the ICSS.

Following a constructive discussion, the meeting ended with an overall consensus advocating for an international private-public partnership to be established to tackle the numerous critical challenges facing the sporting industry with the aim of restoring its reputation and public trust.

The need for a serious, independent and in-depth governance reform across all levels of sport was considered a pressing priority, together with the implementation of the highest standards in terms of transparency, accountability and oversight. This is particularly true in football in the light of the current FIFA crisis and future presidential elections.

The participants also agreed on the need to develop a sport integrity global alliance, ’a coalition of the willing’, led by the sporting industry and supported by key stakeholders, committed to using best practice, universal standards and creative global solutions to effectively tackle global problems and usher a new era in the governance and integrity of sport.

The following individuals participated in the informal meeting on “Addressing the Crisis of Sports Integrity – Building Solutions in a Collaborative Environment”, held on 2 November 2015:

  • ANDREWS, Matt Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School;
  • BONUCCI, Nicola Director for Legal Affairs of the OECD*
  • CABORN, Rt Hon RICHARD Former UK Minster for Sport and Senior Adviser, Quest
  • COTRELL, Chip Partner Deloitte; co-Chair of United Nations Global Compact Committee on Anti-Corruption
  • DEZENSKI, Elaine Former Head of World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative and Senior Advisor to ICSS
  • DROSSART, ERIC Former Chairman, IMG
  • EATON, CHRIS Executive Director for Sport Integrity, International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS)
  • FULLER, Jaimie Chairman of SKINS and co-founder of the NewFIFANow
  • GREVEMBERG, David CEO, Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)*
  • HANZAB, Mohammed President of ICSS and Chairman of ICSS EUROPE
  • HERSHMAN, Michael Chairman of Advisory Board of the International Anti-Corruption Academy; former FIFA IGC member
  • KING, Matthew Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Homeland Security
  • LANGE, Joel Managing Director – Risk & Compliance, DOW JONES
  • LORENZO, Alfredo Director of Integrity of the Spanish Football League (La Liga)
  • MCCARTHY, Leonard Vice President Integrity of The World Bank
  • MCDONELL, Rick Executive Secretary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
  • PONCY, Chip President and Co-Founder, Financial Integrity Network
  • PEDERSEN, Michael long serving Head of the World Economic Forum’s Anti-Corruption Task Force; Founder of M INC Change the Game
  • PFOHL, Shellie Executive Director of the United States President’s Council on Fitness, Sport and Nutrition
  • RICHARDS, SIR DAVID Senior Vice President of the Football Association
  • SPAHN, HELMUT Director General, ICSS
  • STUDER, Markus COO of FIBA (International Basketball Federation)
  • VIDAL, Laurent Professor of Law at the University Panthéon 1 – Sorbonne

*video conference