ICSS statement on Canadian Soccer League

Following media reports concerning the integrity of a national Canadian Soccer league known as the “Canadian soccer league” or CSL, the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has released the following statement:

“The information uncovered within the media, which was written for law-enforcement and sport investigators, is the result of investigations undertaken by the International Centre for Sport Security and its partners and points to what are very serious possibilities of corruption within the Canadian soccer league.

“Whilst it is regrettable that this intelligence report has been made public, this apparent conspiracy has grave ramifications for organised sport and sport betting well beyond the mere cumulative size of the frauds.”

“As an independent, neutral and global body committed to safeguarding sport, the ICSS has been engaging for some time with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to share information, which involves serious allegations of wholesale match-fixing, betting fraud and quite possibly money laundering within the Canadian soccer league.

“ICSS’ Sport Integrity investigators have been monitoring the league for some time. According to information we have obtained through our network of sources, monitoring of matches and other intelligence gathering techniques including betting monitoring, in all likelihood the alleged corruption of the Canadian soccer league has been led by organised crime groups based in Europe involving a complex network of individuals within the league and most likely Asian-based illegal sport betting operators.

“The complexity and sheer number of people involved in these allegations once again underlines the very real and serious threat that organised crime now poses to sport.

“As an organisation firmly committed to supporting anti-corruption efforts in international sport, the ICSS has compiled and submitted a full report with all acquired intelligence to the appropriate national and international authorities, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian authorities, as well as INTERPOL, EUROPOL and FIFA.

“We stand by the contents and accuracy of the report and will continue our work collecting and distributing intelligence with relevant authorities to protect the integrity of sport.

“With the growing examples of match-fixing, betting fraud, money laundering and corporate corruption cases now affecting sports clubs around the world, the ICSS strongly supports any effort by governments and law enforcement agencies to eliminate corruption both on and off the field of play.

“At the ICSS, we also believe that all stakeholders now involved in the sports industry – particularly governments, law enforcement agencies, as well as sponsors and sport governing bodies – must take urgent and collective action to introduce strong international legislation that disrupts and dismantles organised crime and empowers proactive action by law enforcement.”