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Stadio della Roma partners with the ICSS

With the ambition of operating one the world’s most safe and secure sports and entertainment venues, Stadio della Roma has appointed the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) to provide the Security Strategy and Design.

Recognising that a secure experience for the football fans of AS Roma and visitors to the 365 day-a-year entertainment precinct is imperative, Stadio della Roma will work with the ICSS to ensure security is integrated into the stadium and wider master plan from the outset.

The ICSS will coordinate with Stadio della Roma’s design and engineering consultants and other stakeholders to determine the threats, risks, vulnerabilities and security operational requirements for Stadio della Roma.

The ICSS will then ensure, based on relevant security design standards and international best practise that security is built into the venue without impacting on the aesthetics or operations of the venue.

“We are delighted to have the International Centre for Sports Security as our partner on this project,” said Mark Pannes, CEO of Stadio della Roma.

“We are determined to create a family-friendly environment for every fan who visits the stadium and that means that security is at the forefront of everything we are doing. Our whole project team is working closely with the ICSS surrounding the design, implementation and management of the highest-level security objectives including security risk assessment and security strategy development for both on-site infrastructure and cyber security.”

Speaking about the appointment, Mohammed Hanzab, President of the ICSS, said:

“This partnership with one of the great football clubs of the world is another milestone in the development of the ICSS. Stadio della Roma has the potential to become a role model in the fields of safety and security. The ICSS is looking forward to a sustainable partnership with Stadio della Roma as the new and safe home of AS Roma.”

Speaking about the appointment, Heinz Palme, Vice Director General of the ICSS, said:

“We applaud Stadio della Roma for recognising the importance of integrating security design into the early stages of venue planning. Many stadium owners and operators are discovering too late the time, resource and financial impact of not incorporating security at an early stage. Working with Stadio della Roma, we will ensure it is embedded from the start, whilst delivering the best possible fan and visitor experience.”