A New Step Towards Digital Transformation Through Sports Science

Digital transformation is rapidly and profoundly affecting all areas of society and economy, and in this sense, the fields of education and sports are no exception.

Currently, there is a wide range of technologies and equipment being developed aimed at improving and optimising the development of sports activities and training both at a competition (professional) level and in grassroots sports. However, the way in which sports academies and clubs apply technological advances at a European level is very varied and not systematic.

In order to address this gap, Digi-Sporting project was created as a strategic partnership with a marked educational character designed to support sports organisations which want to take further steps towards digital transformation.

Digi-Sporting is a two-year project which commenced in 2020 with the general objective of adapting and transferring the knowledge developed in the field of digital transformation to the sport sector – particularly for the benefit of sports academies and clubs, including an integrity perspective.