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IACA and ICSS Joins Forces to Tackle Corruption in Sport Through Advanced Education

Recognising the crucial role of advanced education to foster both international cooperation and actions at national and global levels, the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) signed an agreement to fight corruption in sport through knowledge sharing and education-based solutions.

Sharing a common goal of promoting good governance and combating the different forms of corruption threatening sport, the ICSS and IACA will focus on a multi-pronged approach including the development of innovative solutions and advanced training methodologies.

The two organisations will explore possibilities for joint initiatives that promote actions against integrity violations in sport by fostering collective efforts with the involvement of different sectors, including law enforcement authorities, regulators, sport organisations as well as the business sector, civil society, and the future generations of game-changers.

IACA Dean Thomas Stelzer said:

“This partnership will enhance the ability of both our organization to combat corruption in sports around the world. Through education, training, and the sharing of knowledge we can empower professionals in the sports field to tackle corruption wherever they see it. For sport to flourish corruption must be tackled head-on. This endeavor is now firmly on the agenda for the ICSS and IACA as we go forward together.”

Mohammed Hanzab, Chairman, ICSS said;

“This partnership with IACA is a significant milestone in our quest for safeguarding sport. Over the years the ICSS has developed an extensive range of tools and resources such as the handbooks produced in cooperation with the Sorbonne University and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

With this partnership, we aim at reaching the front liners of sport integrity and those who fight corruption in sport and make our resources more accessible to support their missions. Together we look forward to creating a capacity-building platform that is readily available for everyone who strives towards a corruption-free sport.”