ICSS Journal

ICSS Journal Vol 2 | No 2

ICSS Journal Vol 2 | No 2Journal Vol 2 | No 2

This edition of the ICSS Journal explore security operations and the Boston Marathon, the lessons that are being learnt by the organisers, and how the City of Boston has united flowing the tragic events of April 2014. The real power of sport is in bringing countries, communities and societies together and enacting change for the better. Sport provides opportunities to people living in difficult environments, giving them a chance to succeed. It gives us all heroes, heroes who work on and off the playing field. It teaches children to be better people and to break down barriers. However, none of these inspirational and aspirational values are at all relevant if sport is corrupt. Most sport manipulation is carried out by transnational organised criminals who exploit legitimate gambling and thrive on the lack of international regulations. Governments must act to safe the integrity of international sport.

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