ICSS Journal

ICSS Journal Vol 1 | No 3

Match-fixing. Pulling the strings of sport.ICSS Journal Vol 1 | No 3
Sport Society and the State

Sport faces many challenges. Many of these challenges are addressed in the articles featured in this edition of the ICSS Journal, which focuses on the interactions and interrelations between sport, society and the state. For example, we explore the question and issues around what is the right mix of criminal legislation and sporting sanctions when it comes to deterring match-fixing? How can attention to “integrity” help in the fight against doping? What should governing bodies do when faced by protesters using an event as a platform to broadcast their discontents? How are sponsors impacted by such protest, and how might they respond? How do you design security into the venues for events, and how should you train the professionals and volunteers that staff them? And how is technology, that ever-changing fixture, going to change our experience of sporting events in the future? Those are some of the questions and challenges, along with some answers, put forward in the pages that follow.

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