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Cyprus Sports Organisation appoints ICSS INSIGHT as strategic sport integrity advisors

The Cyprus Sports Organisation (KOA), the lead authority for sport in Cyprus, has announced the appointment of ICSS INSIGHT as strategic advisors in the field of good governance and sport integrity.

As part of the overall mission of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) to help bring together and share expertise to help safeguard sport, the agreement will see international experts from the newly-renamed ICSS INSIGHT support and provide strategic advice to the KOA to ensure good governance principles are incorporated within the new national sports law being introduced within Cyprus.

Speaking of the agreement, Kleanthis Georgiades, the Chairman of the Cyprus Sport Organisation said:

“Good governance is of paramount importance for the Cyprus Sports Organisation and for sport in Cyprus. As a result, we are currently developing a new strategy that will encourage the sport organisations in Cyprus to operate within such a framework.

“To gain support and advice for this new strategic direction, we have teamed up with ICSS INSIGHT. As an international, not-for-profit organisation with a global mission to promote and protect the integrity and security of sport, ICSS INSIGHT is the partner we were looking to support and advise us in this endeavour.”

Building on its portfolio and mission to strengthen sport integrity policy and champion good governance, while working alongside leading international organisations, governments and key stakeholders across sport, the agreement with KOA marks an important milestone for the newly renamed ICSS INSIGHT.

Speaking of the agreement, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of The ICSS INSIGHT, said:

“As the lead body for sport in Cyprus, KOA plays a vital role in setting the agenda and leading the way for sport in the country. ICSS INSIGHT is delighted to share our expertise to ensure that the principles of good governance and sport integrity are incorporated within this important piece of national legislation.

“The agreement with the KOA also marks a milestone for us as we sign now under the banner of our new name – ICSS INSIGHT. This new name reflects our commitment to serve and benefit sport, not just in Europe, but worldwide. On behalf of our team of experts at ICSS INSIGHT, I look forward to working with the KOA in the future and supporting even more organisations across sport to strengthen their integrity and governance efforts.”

ICSS INSIGHT champions the highest of standards in sports governance, financial integrity and transparency and delivers a range of thought leadership initiatives, collective action, independent research and intelligence and investigations.

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