ICSS Statement on FIFA Judicial Chamber Decision

“The International Centre for Sport Security notes the decision of the Judicial Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee acting on the advice of the Investigations Chamber to suspend Joseph Blatter, FIFA President and Michel Platini, FIFA Vice President from all football activities for eight years. Further appeal access is available to both persons, so this may not be the final decision.

The severity of the penalties handed down reinforce the serious and urgent need for action and the development of a sport integrity global alliance, led by the sporting industry and supported by key stakeholders, committed to using best practice, universal standards and creative solutions to usher a new era in the governance and integrity of sport.

Nobody can deny the gravity of both the decisions and the ramifications that naturally flow to FIFA, Confederations, National Associations and indeed wider football. In an even broader context there are ramifications for all sport governing bodies.

As Football is the most resourced and influential sport globally, today’s decision demonstrates that sport governance generally, is at a crossroads.

The ICSS as an independent and neutral NGO focussed on supporting sport and therefore sport governing bodies in the areas of integrity, safety and security, has invested a great deal of effort and resources in bringing together global academic and industry experts to design best-practice models for sport governance and integrity protection.

We look forward to again sharing this valuable knowledge and research with serious-minded reformers so that sport governance may once again be a paradigm of success – not merely business success, but in governance and the protection of sport’s values.”