Sport Safety and Security Services

  • Major Event Security Framework (MESF)
  • Master Event – Security Planning
  • Major Event – Strategy
  • Major Event – Concept of Operations
  • Major Event – Operations Planning and Readiness
  • Sport Team Security

Security Design and Technology

ICSS Security Consultants can design and carry out installation and industry- specific surveys and audits in relation to security, protection and risk management. To address the problem of security and protection, it is key to identify all governing aspects that may adversely affect the subject’s property or operation.
Our security design and technology services include:

  • Security Governance
  • Peer Review of Security Risk Assessments
  • Peer Review of Security Design Master Planning of Sport Precincts
  • Peer Review of Security Systems Design of Sport Facilities
  • Specialist Systems Design
  • Project Management
  • Security System Assurance and Audits

Counter-terrorism and Risk Management

The ICSS has an extensive background with regards to providing advice on counter terrorism risk. Our team has consulted in this area for many years, providing advice and training to both government and commercial organisations.

The threat of terrorism is real and should not be dismissed as “far-fetched”.

When terrorist groups directly or indirectly target organisations’ assets within close proximity of critical infrastructure; organisations must be well prepared for dealing against this type of threat.
Our counter terrorism and risk management services include:

  • Specialised Threat and Risk Management (crime, counter-terrorism)
  • Managing the Threat
  • Attack Methodology
  • Physical Security
  • Personnel and People Security
  • Cyber Security

Benefits of Our Approach