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Are specific security standards needed for sport event education and training?

Andrew Cooke Director Security Operations

“Applying an international standard for educating and training safety and security staff is vital to avoid repeating past incidents”.
We have seen some tragic events occur at sporting events and concerts over the years. Since these events, there have been massive improvements in sport and stadium safety and security management in certain countries, but as I see the situation worldwide, there still remains a stark lack of professional training and education to prepare security, stewards, club officials, police, and other emergency services to respond to an incident and understand requirements.

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Ever changing Sport Safety and Security

Andrew Cooke Director Security Operations

Safety and security at sporting events has never been so evident with the incidents and threats that are taking place around the world. Because of the ever-changing threat landscape there are a number of factors that need to be considered; learn from previous events and tournaments; understand the mistakes made in other events and how they eventuated; the earliest planning for safety and security; the full integration of government, security, organising committee and functional areas; take advise from experts in the field and the most important phase is plan, train, test, train, test and test again.

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