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ICSS Journal Vol 2 | No 3

ICSS Journal Vol 2 | No 3Journal Vol 2 | No 3

This issue of the ICSS Journal return the focus to football, and looks at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where sport also seems to have drawn people together. The protests and demonstrations that took place at the Confederations Cup a year earlier were not repeated on anything like the same scale during the World Cup. While many say this was simply a result of a massive police presence, or even good media management, the articles in the edition of the IUCSS Journal analyses Brazil’s preparations in the lead up to the tournament, and identify some of the reasons behind why it was such a success. The major events that took place in 2014 also reminded us this year of the power of sport and the real impact that it can have on people. This underscores why the ICSS is driving initiatives to work with cities and countries to develop robust economic sectors around sport. Sport transcends our differences and brings people and communities together.

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