ICSS Journal

ICSS Journal Vol 1 | No 1

Protecting the Integrity of Sport Competition. The Last Bet for Modern SportJournal Vol 1 | No 1
Playing a political game. Tensions in sport, society and the state.
This first Edition of the ICSS Journal is dedicated to Sport for Development and Peace, thus helping to raise awareness, trigger new ideas and, most importantly, concrete action. Sport has proven to be successful in serving as a powerful vehicle to promote peace and development in various ways, from grassroots community projects to elite sports. The achievements and possibilities are widely recognised among governments, UN Organisations, sport federations, civil society, private organisations and the public. However the positive aspects of sport and its potential as a force for good are being undermined by a number of negative aspects that we are experiencing in and around sport such as the various incidents of racism and violence. These issues are a reflection of society at large and therefore present in the sport environment too. Values and norms of sport are the same values we seek to build peaceful and democratic societies on. Dialogue between countries ad communities in conflict, is strengthened through sports diplomacy as discussed in this issue.

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