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The OEI and the ICSS join forces to protect young athletes

The agreement between OEI and ICSS establishes four key areas which will result in various joint programs and projects in the field of youth, education, training and development

The Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) have signed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of various programs and projects on youth, education, training and development.

As part of the agreement, the OEI and ICSS will aim to strengthen the common interest and develop a range of activities designed to help protect young athletes, as well as developing, distributing and implementing a “Charter of Good Practices” promoted by ICSS to help fight against trafficking of children in sport.

Paulo Speller, OEI Secretary General, Carlos Abicalil, Director General of Education – Science and Culture, Miriam Preckler, Education Technician and Álvaro Ráez, OEI Secretary General’s Office attended the signing ceremony and were joined by Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros CEO of ICSS EUROPE and Diogo Guia, Director – Sports Public Policy.


Speaking during the signing ceremony, Paulo Speller, Secretary General of OEI, said:

“OEI would like to thank the ICSS for their support and initiative when it comes to developing concrete actions which will enhance the integrity of sport. In this way, OEI and the ICSS are committed to fighting against all kinds of violence and human trafficking, as well as promoting sport and education programs across the whole Ibero-American region”.


Speaking at the ceremony, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros CEO of ICSS EUROPE, said:

I would like to thank the OEI for their leadership and vision. Representing a region of over 600 million people, the OEI is a crucial partner for the ICSS, as we strengthen our efforts to usher sport into a new era. The integrity of sport is a top of our agenda, as so is the fundamental right of all children to play sport in a safe and sound environment. By signing of this partnership, we kick-off a large-scale, far-reaching action plan. An action plan that will engage the OEI Members States, the sport movement, academia and civil society. This agreement will also aim to make real, positive impact to sport and the lives of the young athletes across the whole Ibero-American community.”

OEI and ICSS agreement to protect young athletes