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Haass Uses Keynote Speech to Reinforce Need to Protect Sport

President of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass used his keynote address at Securing Sport to reinforce the benefits of sport and emphasize how organisations such as the ICSS need to help protect it.

Speaking at the opening of the event held in New York, Haass called on all attendees to not only share their ideas throughout the two day conference but follow through on them.

“For those of us who are students of what is going on in the world, sports can be revealing,” said Haaas.

“Sports need to be safe for all those participating and all those attending events.”

Haass also talked about the important role sport plays in society and the influence of athletes.

“Sports can be a critical refuge for divided and war-torn societies,” added Haass.

“Athletes have an obligation and opportunity to be a role model for the virtues of exercise and health.”