ICSS Statement on Media Allegations

The ICSS rejects outright the distortions, misrepresentations and falsehoods reported by some media today about our organisation and some of the key people who work for and who have worked with us. We can only conclude that these media outlets are either misguided or incompetent, or even worse, driven by a deliberate agenda to create a false and harmful narrative.

We say categorically that no crimes have been committed by any person working with, or for the ICSS undertaking sport integrity investigations. This is an absolute falsehood.

When contacted by the relevant media with long lists of questions, the ICSS acknowledged receipt of their correspondence, and pointed out that the questions contained considerable factual and assumptive errors.

A surprising lack of neutrality, the significant misinformation, the obvious bias and preconception was dominant throughout what seemed to be a random series of points that comprised factually incorrect material inclusive of inaccurate timings, names and references.

The ICSS then clearly advised these journalists that they should clarify the so-called information with their sources. We understand this material to be a combination of purchased or hacked documents and/or emails, which, at the very least, needed to be reviewed again by them for authenticity.

Our organisation is extremely concerned regarding these stories attacking the ICSS. These stories are highly defamatory and include many false assertions.

The ICSS will consider its legal position and review any breaches conducted against the ICSS and its employees’ global data protection rights.