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ICSS to extend international reach and access to prohibited substances reference tool with USADA

January 16, 2018: In a major step forward to enhance the information available to athletes and others about prohibited substances included in medications, the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) will extend the reach and accessibility of the Global Drug Reference Online (DRO) and help protect clean athletes around the world, through a partnership with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and its Global DRO partners.

As a key platform in protecting the integrity of sport, the Global DRO provides information to athletes and support personnel of the prohibited status of specific ingredients based on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. Global DRO was developed by national anti-doping organisations from the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland and the United States.

As part of the new partnership, the ICSS will work with USADA to extend the international scope and accessibility of the Global DRO. The partners will collaborate to broaden the member nations by identifying and adding new countries and languages to extend the database to benefit the broadest range of athletes possible.

The ICSS will also extend the scope and functionality of the Global DRO through the development of the Trusted Athlete App – a new, interactive and easy-to-use mobile application that enables users to scan, record, be alerted, and share information about ingredients within medications and their legal status in sport with the data being verified and validated by anti-doping organisations.

Available to download in early 2018, the Trusted Athlete App is currently being developed by the ICSS as part of its ongoing effort to identify new and pioneering technologies to help safeguard sport, as well as its shared aim with USADA to safeguard athletes and the integrity of sport.


Speaking of the new partnership with the ICSS, USADA Chairman and two-time gold medal Olympian, Edwin Moses, said:

“Providing trusted information directly to athletes around the world has never been more important in the global education of anti-doping efforts. The Trusted Athlete project benefits athletes in providing direct access to the knowledge offered through the Global Drug Reference Online, specifically to alert them of the prohibited status of medications around the world.”

Michael Hershman, ICSS Group CEO said:

“Driven by our mission to safeguard sport and support athletes around the world, the ICSS is excited to team with USADA to help protect the integrity of sport and the development of the Trusted Athlete App aims to support USADA and members of the Global DRO to expand and inform more athletes and the sports world of the prohibited substances included within any medication.

“As an organisation whose integrity remit is focused on anti-corruption but one which proactively uses technology and innovation to address the broader security, governance and integrity issues in sport, the ICSS is delighted to share our expertise with USADA. Together, we will strengthen the ethics and integrity of sport and provide the Trusted Athlete app as a platform for the Global DRO to enable greater outreach to more athletes around the world.”

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